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Tank Stream Labs Group is a collection of companies providing essential services for startup and scaleup businesses, assisting them in all aspects of their business growth. From business development, consulting, branding and marketing, event management, to recruiting talent and software development.


Tank Stream Labs is a technology-focused coworking space based in Sydney. We are a leading breeding ground for entrepreneurs, specialized industry leaders, and scale-ups. Our infrastructure allows for value to be created through networking opportunities, connecting entrepreneurs and businesses and working within a framework of like-minded entrepreneurs and business professionals.

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Tank Stream Education provides prospective business owners with the fundamental skills and tools they need to launch a business.


Here you will learn what it effectively takes to run a small business, from landing on a good idea, designing an operating manual and strategy for your business, managing finances and startup fund options to marketing your product and scaling your business model. 

Through our comprehensive course, you will learn how to take your passion for your small business idea and turn it into a successful operation.

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Tank Stream Events is an independent, creative and diverse full-service event management provider operating across Australia.

Creating and executing impactful events are at the core of what we do.

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On-tap Professional Services 

Tank Stream Legal offers a complete suite of professional services for business owners. Providing you with a full range of expert in-house legal and HR services at your fingertips. Our experienced team will act as an in-house legal or HR team on all your day-to-day legal, governance and risk and compliance needs. 

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Tank Stream Property is shaking up the property industry as an independent Tenant Advisory firm and fit-out company that offers customised and exclusive end-to-end services to our clients. We manage all aspects of your property, from being a property partner to searching and negotiating, fit-out and construction. 

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Tank Stream Marketing is a full-service marketing consulting agency that provides your business with marketing advice and marketing management. 

We specialise in building compelling and powerful brands. Our experienced Marketing team can help you create and manage a comprehensive marketing strategy. And assist you in developing and building your unique brand to ensure your business stands out from the competition.

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Tank Stream Recruitment is a boutique end-to-end recruitment agency that specialises in finding ambitious businesses the right Talent needed to take their business to the next level.

Now more than ever having the right team is vital to growing your business, but finding the right Talent can be a challenge. That's where TS Recruitment comes in, we streamline the hiring process so you can find the perfect key team member for your business. 

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Tank Stream Software is a boutique software development provider that creates custom digital products for clients across a variety of industries. Our customer-centric approach provides ambitious businesses with the knowledge and support to make their great ideas into reality. 

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TS Finance provides professional business advice to individuals and companies looking to take their business to the next level. Our experienced business consultants have more than (experience in years) of business consulting and are able to provide you with extensive advice on business or personal financial goals.

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